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Yoga Jennie Bittleston


Jennie Bittleston

Published January 4th 2001
ISBN : 9780751311983
224 pages
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 About the Book 

Originally emerging some 4,000 years ago in the Indian subcontinent, yoga began as a philosophy--the word yoga means oneness in Sanskrit--to develop deeper meditation. While meditation is still an important element of the practice today, the role of asanas, or poses, has increased over time to enable the unification of body and mind through a combination of breathing, stretching, and mental focus. Within this guide you will find explanations of the various schools of yoga, how you can expect to benefit from the practice, and a series of exercises to follow, illustrated with color photographs. Discover why yoga continues to maintain its popularity by embarking on your own journey of self-knowledge. Here is an exciting new series focused on todays most popular healing approaches and spiritual insights. Presented in a clear, concise format, the Secrets of Series demystifies popular alternative approaches and teaches proper application, providing a perfect balance of theory and practice. Perfect for new or casual readers, these handbooks are simple to follow yet thorough and authoritative. Covering a wide range of topics, they appeal to readers from every background.