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Relentless Love: Unfolding Gods Passion, Presence, & Glory Thom Gardner

Relentless Love: Unfolding Gods Passion, Presence, & Glory

Thom Gardner

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 About the Book 

We all know John 3:16 - about Gods love for mankind that He gave His one and only Son to die on the cross for our sins so that anyone who believes in Him might have everlasting life. Relentless Love by Thom Gardner is all about the love, mercy, grace and kindness that God has shown to us, mankind. Everyone who reads this book will came to know God who despite our fallen/ sinful nature still pursues us relentlessly. I love that.The book, Relentless Love, has been broken down into 3 parts. The first part, Mercy: The Passion of God introduces readers to the relentless love that God has towards us. Understanding the kind of love that God has for us will transform our lives in the way we see ourselves and treat others. God invites us to his presence and he longs for us to be in his presence just like Moses was.The Second Part is Mercy: The Present Love of God: - God calls us to be intimate with Him. To have fellowship and think of him only. God could have easily ordered the animals and other non-human creation to have fellowship with him but he chose us mankind because we are special or as the author puts it we took his breath away. It is because of Gods mercy that we are not consumed and every believer who wants to can have an intimate fellowship with the Creator.The third and final part is Mercy: The Glory of God: This chapter begins with the story of Moses when he asked God to show him His glory. I have always wondered what Moses meant when he said that. Did he want a sign, a miraculous one? From the rest of the chapters I got to understand what Moses really meant when he asked God to reveal his Glory to him.Moses longed to have a face-to-face walk with God and that is what he got. The bible tells us to Call unto me and I will show you great and unsearchable things you do not know. By walking in the glory or presence of God, Moses was able to share in the secrets of God like no other person had ever done.I like how the author, in every chapter, provides real life examples that we can relate to.This review is based on the free ebook that was given to me by Destiny Image. However, the words are my own and are a true reflection of what I thought about the book after reading it.