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Moonlight in His Hand Lynn Murphy

Moonlight in His Hand

Lynn Murphy

ISBN : 9781413754926
172 pages
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 About the Book 

Kelly OBrien thought his life was perfect. He had a wife and children he adored, a challenging and successful career, a life of privilege. When his perfect life starts to crumble, Kel begins to question himself and his faith, a journey that begins with him being entangled in an old World War II mystery involving some stolen art treasures. An adversary who thinks Kel may have the key to solving that mystery, an old friends journal and Kels own chronic illness come into play. Will circumstances beyond his control keep him from discovering a relationship with God? Moonlight in His Hand is the story of one mans search for real faith and for real meaning in life. It is about learning to trust God rather than your own abilities, and letting go and letting God lead.